Inspiring Interiors to elevate your everyday experience

Our designs are crafted to inspire an organized workspace and Office furniture. We carve out every office interior project with a passion to make it hyper functional and a feast to your vision. One would happily wish to flaunt their workplace doubled up with our decorative motif that makes office organization actually fun and productive.

The innovative and efficient use of space will quite literally draw you in and give you the motivation at work every moment. Our clean designs will maintain the sense of your organization’s personality for long. Plenty of chic seating will make your office more functional.

Our experience-driven collection serves as a stylish call to action and creates memorable moments with the people you work around.

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office fruniture manufacturer in chennai

Are You Looking For Interior Designer in Chennai?

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We create spaces that inspire and designs that soothe your eyes. Magnaa interiors believe in building unique art pieces that have the power to shake hearts. Every furnishing, architectural detail and art piece expresses a…
Office Designers in chennai


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CREATING & OPTIMISING YOUR WORKPLACES WE SUPPLY & INSTALL OFFICE FURNITURE TO SUIT ALL BUDGETS AND PROJECTS. Magnaa Office interior designers have over years experience in providing quality office furniture and space planning expertise. In today…
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We aim and deliver the best interior

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We are one of the top corporate office interior designers & decorators based in Chennai. Our aim is to be the best and to deliver the best. We focus on creating something unique and exclusive…
  • Office Interiors

    We know that ideas drive businesses, but the right tools are required, including the office interior designers where workers give their best performances. Working with Magnaa frees you to achieve an office that’s right for your business, with a breath of fresh air

  • Office Exteriors

    Partnering with us gives you access you to both subtle office interior designers and flamboyant exteriors. Delegating it to Magnaa we create stunning exteriors of your office ranging from simplistic designs to complex features. Creation of aesthetics come naturally to us

  • Office Design

    Environment for performance is built by our office interior designers to accommodate individuals and organizations to customize their methods, their work places and their tools of work to express their artistic streaks and portray their character.

  • Office Space Planing

    Space planning has an important impact on the success of a room. Knowledge of furniture, space and size allowances, generous helpings of imagination and a proper sense of composition helps in office space planning. Magnaa has them all..

  •  About Office Interiors

    Magnaa office interiors believes that an aesthetically built office workplace can give a boost to productivity. We are a class apart from other similar companies in improving your potential through effective creative office planning of space. Our office designers service and working environs cater to both present and future needs. We craft dream workplaces right from concept through completion. We guarantee a better workplace which would creatively stir the imagination of the employees and inspire them to attain productivity. We have had an excellent track record of taking care of the minutest detail, creating an office space considerate of corporate identity , natural lighting, noise considerations and of course your purse strings.

  • Office designers

    For a good office design we need a good planning. Better planned office design can contribute to the well-being of your employees and improves productivity. A better design of your office reflects the work of company and how you work both internally and with your customers.
    A stats says that a person spend atleast 50% of day time in an office. An office is a place where we spend a major part of the day and we tend to spend most of the time. This is why, in addition to functioning well, we want an office design that creates a pleasant and inviting place to spend time in.