Main Types of Office Chairs

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For most people chair is simply furniture to sit upon. The design concepts behind their making, as well as the reasons they should buy a certain kind of chair, are often ignored.

As modular furniture gets popular, the office chairs are seeing a complete turnover of the design seen in traditional furniture, Magnaa is a renowned office furniture manufacturing and Office interior designers company that provides office chairs in Chennai.


A major portion of responsibilities in a company lies on the shoulders of the head of the company. They’re looked upon by their staff members for their leading, managing, and planning skills. So, the chair they sit upon is a reflection of their personality. Its grand design, ergonomic features unique color, and elegance with plush seating make it an ultimate choice for a boss


executive series speaks for itself. It is chosen for the top management business executives keeping in mind the additional comfort of other chairs. It comes with features like a high-backrest, thick padding, wheelbase, swivel, and a leather finish that allow the user to make complete use of their time without feeling exhausted.

Mesh Chair series

These chairs can be chosen by those who work in relatively warmer offices due to excellent ventilation. It is also highly durable.

Visitor chair series

visitor chairs are meant for allowing visitors of a company to wait comfortably for their meetings. These are not mobile, adjustable, or flexible but they still provide a relaxing sitting place and solace to the customers and visitors.

When you are planning to buy office chairs for your workplace, here are some tried and tested tips for selecting the best Office chair manufacturer in Chennai.

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