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    We tailor make our services on developing an understanding of client’s specific requirements – understanding how their businesses work to make our business easier. Whether it is a fit out or a refurbishment we deliver an office design which fits the bill to the T. Since we engage in a collaborative process with our clients we successfully create a world class workplace appropriate to their corporate requirement and budget. Good office designs, elevates your market presence and retains and attract a higher quality work force.turnkey office interiors in chennai
    We aim to churn out perfection in deliverables and customer satisfaction, since the success of your business is our business too. We ensure that there is only a single point of contact which will take care of everything and time wastage is minimized. We would also make sure that disruption in the services rendered, are minimal and the completion of project is on time and within the decided budget.turnkey office interiors in chennai
    Companies in varied businesses have been serviced by us. The fit out projects that we take up is completely seamless and free of worry which means that you can go about concentrating on your core functions rather than focus on nitty gritty. Our various teams work tirelessly to assure that the quality of all the raw materials used is of the highest standards and appropriate to the requirements.turnkey office interiors in chennai
    Having unflinching faith in honesty and transparency, a detailed schedule of the cost of the project is handed over to the client since we do not believe in nasty surprises and also confirms meeting the client’s expectations and value of money is delivered.interior decorators in chennai
    Magnaa transforms your office for you to transform the world…………

About Magnaa

Magnaa believes that an aesthetically built workplace can give a boost to productivity. We are a class apart from other similar companies in improving your potential through effective creative planning of space. Our interior designing services and working environs cater to both present and future needs. We craft dream workplaces right from concept through completion. We guarantee a better workplace that would creatively stir the imagination of the employees and inspire them to attain productivity. We have had an excellent track record of taking care of the minutest detail, creating an office space considerate of corporate identity , natural lighting, noise considerations and of course your purse strings.

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Turnkey office interiors in chennai ,Turnkey interiors office

We trust that our in – house team allows us to completely control every aspect of project and draw from the expertise from our own team of experts to offer the clients what they had desired for.

Being a fully equipped company, we have ample resources to integrate all the key aspects of any project and complete it with finesse. Our technical expertise, skill sets of the team, unbiased approach, ingenuity and years of experience makes us the preferred choice in this arena.

When we take up projects we divide it into manageable packages that are designed in portions rather than designing the entire scheme at once which makes it easier both technically and financially. Each project is under a Project leader bringing together the technical, design and the construction teams into a unified whole, avoiding overlaps and capturing the smallest detail specified by the client or otherwise.

Receiving information, liaising with the client and coordinating with them is handled with seamless efficiency. We show a willingness to grip the client’s circumstances and requirements. The clients are kept abreast of every stage of development. The feasibility of every design is scrutinized and the most practical and cost-effective pathways are adopted.

Magnaa takes full responsibility of the health and safety aspects and encompass the “Green” Technologies. Our core philosophy is client satisfaction and over the years we have developed a respectable client list because of our uncompromising attitude in terms of quality and client joy.

Magnaa builds the perfect office for your company.
We prefer silence since our deliverables speak out loud!

Turnkey office interiors in chennai ,Turnkey interiors office