What Is a Program Participation Agreement

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Nothing in this Program Participation Agreement or in the UniteCT Program itself shall be construed in any way to mean that the State of Connecticut is a party to the Owner`s and Renter`s lease, this Program Participation Agreement, or any other agreement between Owner and Renter. (i) tuition fees, tuition fees and other institutional fees for students enrolled in programs eligible for support under this subchapter; (ii) the relevant admission requirements of the State in which the institution is located for each job for which an educational program offered by the institution to prepare such prospective students is intended; (iii) the amount of appropriations made available by the institution as corresponding appropriations for a programme under this Sub-Chapter; (B) Obtaining registration or awarding scholarships are activities that a natural or legal person carries out at any time by completing an educational program for the purpose of admitting or enrolling students for any period of time or by granting financial assistance to students. (B) Profit-sharing payments as long as such payments are not made to natural or legal persons involved in the recruitment or admission of students or in decisions relating to the award of Title IV, HEA Programme Fund. (i) Demonstrate an appropriate balance between the duration of the program and the entry requirements for the recognized profession for which the program prepares the student. The Secretary considers the relationship to be appropriate if the number of hours provided for in the program does not exceed by more than 50% the minimum number of hours required for training in the recognized profession for which the program prepares the student, as determined by the State in which the institution is located. whether the Crown has established such a requirement or as determined by a federal agency; (i) The Secretary initiates the restriction, suspension or termination of an institution`s participation in a Title IV HEA program in accordance with 34 CFR 600.41 or Subsection G of this Part or initiates an emergency action in accordance with § 668.83. (h) An institution`s program participation agreement no longer applies to or covers a location of the institution as of the time the institution ceases to be part of the participating institution. (16) In the case of its own institution, the institution shall receive at least 10 % of its revenue for each financial year from sources other than Title IV, funds of the HEA programme, in accordance with Article 668.28(a) and (b), or shall be subject to sanctions pursuant to Article 668.28(c); Section c, point 1(b). Pub. L.

102-325, § 490(d)(1), inserted before the semicolon at the end “including any matter that the Secretary considers necessary for the proper management of subsidy programs, such as the corresponding shares of an owner, shareholder or person exercising control over an eligible institution.” (14) It shall not refuse any form of federal financial assistance to an eligible student solely because the student participates in a study abroad program approved by the institution; 1. Except as provided in paragraphs (g) and (h) of this Division, the Secretary shall terminate an agreement to participate in the Program in accordance with the procedure set out in Subdivision G of this Part. . . .